About Warrior Women 

Warrior Women ATX is community of women who are here to empower each other to be our most authentic selves... and get a great workout and strong body while doing it. 

We believe that every woman has the power to be a warrior, and that when women show up for themselves and their communities we are actively co-creating a world that is more accessible, equitable, and empowering for all women.


The Details:

  • Our weekly workout is our foundation. It happens every Thursday morning, 9-10:15am at East Austin Athletic Club in Austin, Texas. All women are welcome, but we require preregistration which you can do here
  • We also host monthly socials, which are always fun events like paddle boarding, ice cream parties, or bouquet making workshops.  workshops, and retreats. Check up Upcoming Events
  • We host monthly educational workshops presented by our community members on thier areas of expertise. We've had proper form workshops, health workshops, bouquet making workshops, etc. Check Out What's Next 
  • We foster a vibrant community of inclusiveness and friendship, with many opportunities to connect, network, and support eachother.

Are you looking for Sisterhood? Health? Movement? Connection? Strength? A rockin bod? Radical expression? Authenticity? Courage?

Here's how you can get involved:

Can't wait to meet you Warrior!

Warrior Women Austin Leadership Team

Danielle Gertner


Danielle Gertner is the lady behind the vision of the Warrior Woman Project founded in 2021. She is a multi-passionate, dynamic entrepreneur, Speaker, Emcee, Self Mastery mentor, community builder and professional hype woman. Driven by the mission to unlock the world’s radical confidence and inspire people everywhere to turn off autopilot and live a FXCK YES life, everything she does is to help you to #ownyourshit, loud and proud.

As the Head Warrior of Vision, Danielle keeps us focused and moving toward the BIG, BOLD, AUDACIOUS vision of our organization so we can continue to deepen our foundations while expanding our impact worldwide.

Jen Troconis


Coach Jen is here to challenge and surprise you with your own capabilities. Her goal is to  see you being the strongest version of you, moving well and thriving in life on your journey to becoming the most resilient you ever. 

Fitness has been a way for Jen to connect to herself; body, mind and spirit AND a way to connect to community through movement. It’s a way for her to feel most herself and take up all of the space she need to and has made a DEEP and LASTING impact on her life in many facets. 

Fitness is more than just working out, it’s a mindset that will forever change your life and Coach Jens goal is to get you to your strongest and most resilient self.

JK Foley


JK is a seasoned warrior who has been involved with Warrior Women leadership since day one. 

Her passion for fitness flourished in her four years of CrossFit, lifting her way to the podium at local & regional competitions. During this time, her motivated interest in healthy nutrition inspired her to own & operate a meal prep service for athletes at local gyms and health coach. Utilizing her Bachelor of Environmental Design for 25+ years, she absolutely loves working in sustainable architecture & planning. 

As Warrior/Queen of Light Bulb Moments + Organization, JK aids in recognizing areas of growth, brainstorming ideas, collecting resources & managing implementation for upleveling the community as a collective. 

Kayla Clarke 


Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Kayla is the integrator of tech, communications, and flow on the Warrior Women Team. Her background is in yoga, entrepreneurship, health, and Naturopathic Medicine and you can usually find her barefoot in the forest or in the kitchen cooking up a meal for friends. Kayla’s mission in life is to help modern humans take radical responsibility for their own health, life, wellness, and community and helping the Warrior Women team expand, grow, and connect is something she is hugely passionate about. 

You can find her making sure all the behind the scenes communications for WW run smoothly!

Jenn Spry 


East coast born & raised, Jenn made her way to Austin 2 years ago after life handed her a bag of sour lemons…she made lemonade!  Leaving behind a career in corporate retail she ventured to Austin to explore a new path as a Holistic Health Coach & Yoga Teacher.  Movement is her medicine, she loves to help people, travel and she was blessed with the gift of gab.  As the Queen of Memberships, she’s always looking to connect with our warriors and help find how you can connect with our community in a way that works best for you!

Lina Nguyen


Lina is a woman of the world, having lived all over the US and a handful of other countries. She loves all things fitness, sports (ask her about pickleball and soccer!) and running, and has competed in dozens of marathons and triathlons. Her other passion lies in creating communities and deep human connections. As the Queen of Events, she helps to plan and coordinate Warrior Women’s monthly social events and workshops. If you have a great idea in mind or want to share one of your areas of expertise with our community, please let her know!